For Companies

Few companies in China have determined how to partner with NGOs in a way that has positive impacts on their company and the causes that NGOs support. Similarly, few Chinese NGOs have learned how to maximize the funding and resources available to them via corporate partnerships to realize their missions. Through demonstration projects and training, we will leverage our experience and that of our International Advisory Board and on-the-ground learning to develop a network and a set of resources that catalyzes engagement and partnerships among Chinese companies and NGOs. We are also supporting a corporate-NGO partnership award to recognize good practices and raise awareness of good partnerships. Part of the Innovation Award for NonProfits (IANP). Applications are now open. More information here.

How we help companies

  1. Social investment strategy development and review.
  2. Partnership opportunities identification, outreach and assessment.
  3. Partnership development, facilitation & capacity building.
  4. Existing partnerships benchmarking, analysis and recommendations.
  5. Strategy to leverage latent corporate resources.
  6. Partnership goal setting, measurement and evaluations.
  7. Internal and external communications  on performance and impact.

Corporate-NGO partnership demonstration projects

Through CiYuan, BSR is able to support certain partnerships if they are one of our demonstration projects. This is defined as through BSR’s contribution, a demonstration project is a corporate-NGO partnership that is innovative and impactful, serving as a model for others to learn from and aspire towards.

It is important that the partnership:

–Is not just about funding.
–Involves contributions from both NGO and Company that neither have alone.
–Builds the capacity of the NGO partner(s).
–Is innovative by reaching new beneficiaries, using new approaches etc.
–Has an impact and is sustainable.
  • Our first project was working with Nike and the China Youth Development Foundation (CYDF).

Nike contributed their employees, retail and digital presence, as well as their PR expertise and funding to launch a partnership that provided grants, training and mentors, as well as online resources for youth to develop their leadership skills, and make a difference in their communities through sport. BSR's role was in partnership development, facilitation and capacity building.

  • Our second project is working with HP and Huizeren.

HPis providing funding and skilled volunteers for Huizeren to launch a local version of the Taproot Foundation’s Service Grant Program which facilitates skilled volunteering in China. This will enable HP and other companies to use their skilled volunteers to increase NGOs’ operational and program efficiency. Narada Foundation are providing additional funding and resources whilst many other companies (particularly those in the ICT Volunteering Alliance) are also contributing volunteers and benefitting from Huizeren's role as a matchmaker.

Corporate-NGO partnership training

We are providing trainings to companies on various aspects of how to partner with NGOs, and to NGOs on how to partner with companies. We share the experiences learned from our demonstration projects, and BSR's other partnership development initiatives, to build capacity in the sector for meaningful, mutually beneficial partnerships.

Our trainings include those tailored to specific organizations and those customzied to groups. We also promote best practices in partnership development at events organized by others as well as through roundtables that we organize to bring companies and NGOs together around specific themes to kickstart conversations and inspire partnerships. In July 2001 we held the first such roundtable on meeting the health needs of the elderly.

Corporate-NGO partnership award

We are supporting a corporate-NGO partnerships award in China under the Innovation Award for NonProfits (IANP). More information is on the award website in Chinese. The award aims to raise awareness of corporate-NGO partnerships through rewarding and profiling best practices. In addition to the prize money BSR is also providing technical expertise on the criteria and judging, providing training to the IANP winners, and promoting the award through various channels including BSR's channels, our members, and our media partners.

We help companies:

Align strategic philanthropy with business priorities

Engage NGOs in new ways that add value to the company and society

Inject innovation into programs to increase impact

Strengthen their reputations and customer and employee loyalty

Build lasting relationships with key stakeholders such as government and local communities


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