CODF was successfully held in Guangzhou

December 14th, 2012

CODF was successfully held in Guangzhou

BSR was invited to be the host and lead a break-out session at the one-day Community Organizations Development Forum (CODF) held by the U.S. Consulate General on December 6, 2012.The event gathered nearly 60 participants from nonprofits working in environmental protection, public health, labor rights, and LGBT to promoteawareness of corporate responsibility and bring together the nonprofit community – a role the U.S. Consulate General in Guangzhou has been dedicated to for several years.

The morning session focused on how new media can be used by nonprofits to increase public awareness on social or environmental issues. A famous documentary film director, Chris Paine, presented how new media, such as documentary films and website can to be increase public awareness on energy saving and Ms. Patricia Zimmerman, Professor of Ithaca College in shared a video on the traditional livelihoods of a community to help garner more public support for cultural protection.

In the afternoon, BSR lead one of four break-out sessions on Collaboration between the Public and Private Sector. Other topics included the Relationships between Nonprofits and Government and Application of New Media. Attendees brought a range of insights into these themes and brainstormed solutions for addressing the problems they encounter in these areas. Jason Ho, BSR Manager Advisory Services & CTI representing BSR at the event, believes that events such as the CODF are a valuable way to promote networking within the nonprofit community and gather and promote best practices sharing on addressing CSR in China.


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