CiYuan and CFC Co-organize a Roundtable on Foundation Development

September 25th, 2012

CiYuan and CFC Co-organize a Roundtable on Foundation Development

On 13thSeptember, BSR’s CiYuan Initiative, Capacity Building and Assessment Center (CBAC) and the China Foundation Center (CFC) co-hosted a seminar at CFC’s office on the “Chinese Foundation  Development Handbook” as a resource for foundation development. The seminar was attended by 20 people from 18 foundations. In the seminar we also explored the current needs and challenges faced by newly established foundations and the role of the Handbook as a tool to address them.

In addition to providing an overall introduction  to the Handbook and its contents—BSR and CBAC demonstrated how foundations can use various chapters of the Handbook to help them with their operations. CBAC discussed  how foundations can help drive social value change”; BSR also shared a case study from  the CiYuan Initiative on how SEE Foundation can adapt their strategy to enhancing their interactions with the foundation’s members. Lastly, focus group discussions on foundations current needs revealed  that:

Fundraising: Finding the ‘sweet-spot’ where the foundations programs match the interest point for potential donors such as companies etc and turning a conversation with a donor into a real project opportunity;

Awareness Raising: Increasing general awareness of the foundation and its activities;

Recruitment: Attracting experienced staff with a background in philanthropy or with foundations; and

Duplication of resources: An unbalanced philanthropy ‘eco-system’ where foundation and NGO roles overlap in areas such as project implementation.  

As a key part ofCiYuan’s Foundation Development initiative, the Handbook was launched in November 2011 by BSR with support from CBAC, COHDand SRI,. It is the first handbook with local cases which can guide Chinese foundations in their establishment and management.

From September 2012, BSR began an evaluation of the use and effectiveness of the Handbook  In addressing their governance, management and operations. In addition through in-depth discussions with foundation leaders, the project seeks to explore how foundations’ missions and values impact the Chjnese philanthropic culture. The assessment report will be released in December.

Click here to read China Foundation  Development Handbook   


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