CiYuan Advisors

We have formed an International Advisory Board (IAB) and Chinese Advisory Board (CAB) comprised of influential Chinese and international stakeholders from the nonprofit and business communities to provide expert guidance and feedback throughout the three-year program. The kick-off meeting for both Boards was in September 2010. A follow-up meeting to evaluate midterm progress will be held in late 2011. Additional meetings will be held virtually, and as time and expertise permits, individual members may be involved in advising on specific demonstration projects.

We have invited a "brain trust" of influential Chinese and international stakeholders – our International and Chinese Advisory Board – to help us plan, guide, and monitor program progress.

International Advisory Board

Aaron Hurst President and Founder Taproot Foundation
Caroline Neligan Director Partnerships & Development GuideStar International
Ellen Lambert Executive Vice President The Merck Company Foundation
Margaret Coady Director Committee Encouraging Corporate Philanthropy
Mark Sidel President International Society for Third Sector Research (ISTR)
Paula D. Johnson Vice President and Director Center for Global Philanthropy, The Philanthropic Initiative Inc.
Peter Geithner Advisor
Hauser Center for Non-Profit Organizations at Harvard University
CiYuan International Advisory Board
Salvatore LaSpada Chief Executive Insitute for Philanthropy

Chinese Advisory Board

Ada Shen Board Member Americans Promoting Study Abroad (APSA)
Bei Xiaochao CSR Manager Baidu
Chen Yimei China Country Director Mercy Corps
Cheng Gang Chief Executive Officer China Foundation Center
Dou Ruigang Executive Secretary General Tencent Foundation
Fu Lei Director, CSR and Community Involvement Nokia
Gan Dongyu Secretary General China Social Entrepreneurship Foundation
Gu Xiaojin Vice Chair China Youth Development Foundation
Huang Haoming Vice Chair and Secretary General China Association for NGO Cooperation
Kelly Lau Director of Marketplace and Sustainable Innovation Nike China
Lei Yongsheng Secretary General Lao Niu Foundation
Li Jing President Vantone Foundation
Lv Zhao Director Nonprofit Incubator (NPI)
Maggie Liu Director, Corporate Citizenship Government Affairs & University Cooperation EMC computer Systems (China) Co.,Ltd
Peng Jianmei Director China Charity Information & Donation Center
Susan Zhu CSR Manager, Corporate Affairs PepsiCo Greater China
Wang Qun Jamieson Vice President Public Affairs and Government Relations, China Division Yum!
Wang Weijia Vice President Society of Entrepreneurs & Ecology (SEE)
Wang Xingzui Secretary General China Foundation for Poverty Alleviation
Wang Zhenyao Director, Center for Philanthropy Research Beijing Normal University
Wei Wei China Director Right to Play
Xiao Rong China Director Give2Asia
Xu Yongguang Vice Chairman and Secretary General Chair Narada Foundation
CiYuan Chinese Advisory Board
Yang Boning Senior Director, Communications & Community Relations NBA China
Zhang Ye China Director Institute for Sustainable Communities
Zheng Yuanchang Division Director, Department for Social Welfare & Charity Promotion Ministry of Civil Affairs
Zhou Jianshen Senior Manager, Corporate Social Responsibilities Corporate Affairs Wal-Mart China